“The Blueprint Bootcamp”
A Workshop for the Trades
Discover what Tommy Walsh learned from my S.P.A.R.K.S Blueprint
Are YOU struggling to find local work?
If you've been struggling to gain more clients, more money and more success then why not grab your ticket NOW. (there are only 40 seats at this event)
Join me for a full two days at this Bootcamp, where I will share with you everything you need to  Grow Your Local Business
Tickets are available at £147 
(discounted tickets are available at just £97 ONLY with a PROMO CODE)
Sat July 16th 2016
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Ireland (Midlands)
Sat November 19th 2016
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Bridgewood Manor Hotel, Chatham, Kent
Friday 24th & Saturday 25th Feb 
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Special B & B rates  available for everyone that attends the event and stays at this hotel
Have you been dreaming of growing your business, so you can keep your diary full, and never have to compete on price again...
 ... Yet, despite your best intentions, this is always just out of reach? Do you want to STOP being busy, doing work that just doesn't pay well?
Does it seem like, no matter HOW many books you read, or videos you watch, or questions you ask, you still can’t seem to figure it all out, and sometimes you just want to give up?

Frankly, I'm not surprised!

The truth is, learning how to keep your diary full of quality work is pretty much impossible to do on your own. There’s just so MUCH you need to understand.

Believe me, I know! It was not that long ago, that I was in the same situation you are today: dreaming of a full diary and trying to charge what I’m worth, but I was drowning...

I was failing with my business and almost lost everything, bankruptcy was on the horizon, simply because I wasn’t able to get enough work, but then at the eleventh hour I met a very successful business man who in one sentence a question changed my business and life forever.

While talking to him I was busy explaining how bad things are, how I had no work, how if I didn’t pay my overdraft I would have to close the business and go bankrupt…

His simple question…

“What are you doing today and every day to get customers for your business?”

In this simple question I learned some valuable lessons...

The biggest was that being a successful in business had very little do with how well you lay cables or carpets, nothing at all to do with perfect plastering or painting techniques, luscious landscaping or groovy gardening! It also had nothing to do with having a string of qualifications... and DEFINITELY had nothing to do with how clever you were or having an in depth knowledge of your industry regulations.

I learned that to be a successful and PROFITABLE local business, I had to master one key skill.

How To Market Myself Locally...

So I spent the next SEVEN years developing a SYSTEM and refining it to a point where I spent only Four hours a week working on the marketing of my business…

What I then realised once I had mastered Marketing, was that I needed other skills to be able to take my business to the next level – where I could become totally hands off in my business and actually be a business owner and not a hands on tradesman.

So I sought out the best experts I could find in business growth and persuaded them to share their secrets, and their systems for growing your business.

Now I want to show YOU the end result – "The Blueprint Bootcamp".
During This Bootcamp You"ll Discover...
  • Why "Sepcialising" is key to Getting more work
  •   How to position yourself locally, so you never have to travel outside your local area
  •   How to crack the Advertising code, which will save you a fortune on local adverts and lead sites
  • How to never complete on price again - Ensuring you are paid what your worth


Ireland (Midlands)
Expert Training
James is recognised as an expert in business growth and has expertise in local marketing, social media, people and cash flow management.

Course Material
Included in the training is a complete step by step follow along manual, complete with exercises and illustrations that will guide your training and can be referred to over and over again.
Unique Experience
The Blueprint Bootcamp is a unique event detailing the all essential elements you need to grow a service based business.
An event designed by local business owners for local business owners.
Meet The Author & Presenter of 
The SPARKS BluePrint
James Dewane - Electrician, Best-Selling Author and Expert in Local Marketing For Trades.
James is an apprentice served Electrician, with over 25 years experience in the electrical business, he is also a Best Selling Author, an accomplished public speaker and registered coach.James will share with you:

The Simple Six Step System that he used to build his business and now helps Hundred of UK Tradesmen and women to keep their diary's filled with great quality local work.

No one else teaches such effective marketing strategies specifically for the trades, his book the SPARKS Blueprint was released in August 2015 and withing three weeks was an Amazon best seller in FIVE categories.
Award Winning Coach, Speaker and Business Performance Trainer
Enhance your business performance by improving you as a leader of your business.
Find out what holds you back, reduce the wasted energy and effort you have to put in to your business .

Enhance engagement with your clients and staff to get better results .

You will save time and increase profits as you increase your impact in a more streamlined, efficient business machine.
Buy Your Ticket From This Site And Bring A Guest For Free
‘Better Than 100%’
Money Back Guarantee
   Here's my invitation to you.

   Register your place at the The Blueprint Bootcamp today.

   Attend the Bootcamp and absorb every bit of information we have to offer.

   And if by lunch time of day one you don't think it was worth every penny you paid - and      more - just let me know and I will refund your investment in full - no  questions asked -        PLUS we will even refund up to £25 to cover your documented travel and                                    accommodation expenses!

Previous Attendees Are Saying...
“ Just a few lines on my experience from the workshopt I attended on Friday April 24th just … I thoroughly enjoyed the day, the delivery of the course was excellent and the material was presented in a way that everyone could understand… I would recommend the workshop to anyone who wants to take their business to a much higher level. If I did, so can you. Thanks James for a very valuable experience…”.
Cathal Moore
Electrical Upgrades
 “Your blueprint was the turning point for my business, really enjoyable and extremely valuable and I always got tons of value out of the toolbox”

Mark Sesum
Electrician Services
“A great opportunity to learn marketing techniques that work. Having run my company for eighteen years, the last two years using James Dewanes tips have been the most profitable by far. ..A lack of work just isn't an issue I have any more. In addition it's great to be in a room with positive people, it always gives me a boost.”

Nick Smith
Allied Electrical Services
“A great opportunity to learn marketing techniques that work. Having run my company for eighteen years, the last two years using James Dewanes tips have been the most profitable by far. ..A lack of work just isn't an issue I have any more. In addition it's great to be in a room with positive people, it always gives me a boost.”

Nick Smith
Allied Electrical Services
I really enjoyed the workshop – it was an experience I have never had before. As a carpet fitter, you don’t really get the opportunity to ask other tradesmen how they get their business, and if I have in the past I haven’t really had an answer as people don’t want to give away their secrets. That is the opposite at this workshop. All the speakers shared real strategies and things that they have done, and I could do to improve my business. I have already decided to implement the leaflet strategy and have looked at my social media, and done some FB advertising. I have a quote to do on Saturday which should be a large job for me, and many comments that I can follow up. Go to this event – it will stop you being left behind.

David O’Neill,
Out & About Carpets, Manchester


You Still Have Questions...
I understand that as you read this, you may still have questions. I regularly speak to people who want to attend my workshops or purchase my products, but something's stopping them from pulling the trigger and going for it.

It's usually one of these three things:

They don’t think they have the time
Believe me when I say… the strategies you’ll learn and implement when you attend this bootcamp will save you weeks if not months of messing around and trying to work how to grow your business alone.

My proven systems are without doubt the BEST way for you to get (and keep) more customers, and dramatically increase your income.

They don't think they can afford it

Firstly, I don’t want you to see this as an expense. I want you to see it as an investment.

An investment is defined as:

“to put (money) to use, by purchase or expenditure, in something offering profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.”

I know with absolute certainty that when you implement the ideas we share with you in this workshop, you’ll make many multiples of your investment back – and fast!

And remember, I'm even willing to back that up with a 'better than 100%' money back guarantee so there really is no risk to you whatsoever.

If by the end of the day you don’t think you have the tools and strategies necessary to get a significant return on your investment, just let me know and I will refund your investment in full, plus up to £25 to cover your documented travel and accommodation expenses.

They're not sure it's for them

If you genuinely have no interest in growing your business, using our low and no-cost strategies, then I accept and agree that this investment probably isn’t right for you.

However, I'm guessing that if you’re still reading this but haven’t yet decided to register your seat, it’s more likely that you’re questioning your own ability to make real use of what you’re going to learn.

Please believe me when I say that I've seen tradesmen and local businesses from all backgrounds, from new in business to seasoned pro, take this information and use it to great effect. Literally, ANYONE can do it.

You just need to take the first step.
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